Art Workshops

Art workshops are the hands of Koktebel Park. New art objects are created here, an act of magic open to everyone’s eyes. Any Koktebel Park visitor or resident can come into the workshops and enjoy the process of creation, when a lifeless metal dolly or a stack of boards turns into a work of art, with its very own soul, history and legend. The workshops host a variety of events, master-classes, practice sessions. Anyone can try themselves at a new creative activity, and anyone can order a piece of art or buy a ready-made one from its creator. All pieces of art and handcrafted items are on sale at the “Art Bazaar” vernissage. It is also here, at the workshops, that the set is made for Koktebel Park’s Festival Centre projects.

Number of sites   8
New working places   52
Private investment amount   46 mln.rub
Payback time   6 years

You are welcome to join the project!

Please contact the Crimea Development Corporation for all questions connected with Koktebel Park.

Russia, Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Karl Marx St., 34

Тел: 8-800-505-38-49, +7(978)00-00-823, +7-978-909-13-29, +7(3652)777-982



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