Residences & Public Spaces

Creative residences are the brain of Koktebel Park. It’s the place where ideas are born. A must-go for anyone with a passion for art. With the spirit of Voloshin’s house in mind, we have recreated and modernised the atmosphere that shaped the creative work of Marina Tsvetaeva, Alexey Tolstoy, Mikhail Bulgakov, Yulian Semyonov, as well as Maksimilian Voloshin himself. Koktebel Park’s creative residences have everything for the major creators of our times to live and work in, passing on their experience to new generations and shaping new creative personalities. The best Arts institutions of Russia, including the Russian Academy of Theatre Art, Literary Institute, Stroganov Arts Institute are ready to rent the creative residences of Koktebel Park for their teachers and students. Koktebel Park residents can rent an art workshop or a studio at the Festival Centre. Many residents teach at the education centre or, alternatively, attend its programmes.

Koktebel Park is a territory of over 8 hectars in the very heart of historical Koktebel, right where the town started its history. On the territory of the park historical buildings of the Writers’ Union Creative House dating from Stalin’s times stand in harmony side by side with topnotch hotel complexes. You will find here all that is needed for creative activity and rest. A smart security access system operates on the on the territory of Koktebel Park, allowing flexible regulation of visitors’ and residents’ access to different park zones. Smart-cards and smart-bracelets of the system are integrated with the unified payment system, allowing Koktebel Park visitors and residents to totally eliminate cash payments and the risks they imply. Koktebel park is open all the year round, nurturing a loyal audience of customers who come here to live, create, entertain themselves, rest and get healthy 365 days a year.

Park territory with infrastructure sites

Number of sites   44
New working places   87
Volume of private investments   180 mln. rub
Volume of federal budget financing   397 mln. rub
Payback time   5.5 years


Number of sites   6
New working places   12
Volume of private investments   66 mln. rub
Payback time   5.8 years

Pra's House

Number of sites   3
New working places   7
Volume of private investments   53 mln. rub
Payback time   6 years

You are welcome to join the project!

Please contact the Crimea Development Corporation for all questions connected with Koktebel Park.

Russia, Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Karl Marx St., 34

Тел: 8-800-505-38-49, +7(978)00-00-823, +7-978-909-13-29, +7(3652)777-982



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