Koktebel Park cultural and tourist center is a flagship of Crimea’s creative industry, bringing together the creative energies of the peninsula and of the whole country. Koktebel Park is the driving force of the social, economic and cultural revival of the town of Koktebel, projected to be Russia’s key cultural destination.


To establish a modern multifunctional cluster combining cultural, social, commercial and tourist features. To develop an efficient business model and establish a precedent for private-public partnership.


  • сreating a local “Koktebel Park” brand based on the “Strategy for social and economic development of the Republic of Crimea until 2030” stipulating the establishment of “Koktebel” tourist and recreational cluster and other creative clusters on the peninsula;
  • developing and implementing a creative strategy for Koktebel Park;
  • developing and implementing a marketing strategy for Koktebel Park;
  • renovating or constructing infrastructure facilities, plus landscaping for the Koktebel Park site

The Importance of the Project

After Crimea joined Russia in 2014, it prompted a spiritual and creative uplift in Russian society. However, in the past three years, the peninsula has yet to see any serious new brands capitalizing on this energy.

Crimea’s current economic and political position offers unique opportunities to promote internal resources. In the information age, creative industries and their enthusiasm for non-standard thinking and ability to influence huge audiences are paramount in this process. In the age of information, ideas are best accumulated and generated within a scientific and technical or creative cluster. A creative cluster comprises a union of enterprises, an inter-disciplinary laboratory where art collaborates with science, production, business and consumption. Successful creative clusters become an integral part of the local culture and attract the general public; they can set the tone for the development of an entire city or region, helping to overcome the crisis. Prominent western researchers have devoted extensive work to the cluster phenomenon. Government documents, including Russia’s Federal Targeted Programme, have described the development of creative industries.

Creative clusters are often located in former industrial zones. There are plenty of examples: the famous Gasometers in Vienna; the Shanghai art-zone; Amsterdam’s NDSM ‘city of art’, located in a former dockyard; the Chelsea Market in New York and the Kaapeli cultural center in Helsinki etc.

Russia has its own highly successful clusters, from Moscow’s Krasny Oktyabr and Artplay and Petersburg’s Tkachi and Etazhi, to Vladivostok’s Zarya. These have taken over former factory and transformed them. One of Russia’s leading IT companies, Yandex, whose success recently earned a visit from the President, is just one prominent organization operating on the cluster principle.

Creative clusters actively encourage the rise of local brands inspired by the spirit of their immediate environment. These are not just industrial facilities or structures, but also aspects of the cultural ambience of the cluster. Large cities like St. Petersburg or Bilbao, as well as smaller towns like Avignon or Suzdal, are good examples of this.

Koktebel Park also belongs to this category. It is breathing new life into a site that is intrinsically linked with the prominent poet Maximilian Voloshin and was an artistic Mecca for several generations of Russian creative talent.

Koktebel Park will become a starting point for the rapid development of the town. It provides a single conceptual and symbolic backdrop for a string of important state initiatives: the Tavrida motorway and Crimean bridge, the reconstruction of the gliding center on Klementyev mountain, etc. Without this project, it would be impossible to preserve existing architectural monuments and protect local wildlife and landscapes. The ideals of our predecessors should be remembered: combining the values of the tangible and intangible, marrying creativity and daily routine.

You are welcome to join the project!

Please contact the Crimea Development Corporation for all questions connected with Koktebel Park.

Russia, Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Karl Marx St., 34

Тел: 8-800-505-38-49, +7(978)00-00-823, +7-978-909-13-29, +7(3652)777-982

e-mail: aokrrk@yandex.ru


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