Festival Centre

The heart of Koktebel Park is a Festival Centre (“Festivalny House of Culture”) with unique multifunctional halls (700 and 200 seats). The life energy of the creative cluster is concentrated here. The Festival Centre equipment allows fast and easy adaptation to theatre shows, movie screenings, musical concerts, dance evenings, conferences and other events. It is a unique transformable space with no analogues in Russia so far. The Festival Centre features specially equipped spaces for theatre and dance studios, sound, photo- and video studios, rehearsal spaces and all the necessary technical and administrative spaces.

The educational complex of Koktebel Park unites the Festival Centre, residences and art workshops. Unique multidisciplinary educational programmes, original specially-tailored courses are accompanied by meetings and practical sessions at art workshops. The unique nature of Crimea generates an amazing environment helping a variety of different techniques and practices to be mastered very quickly. The history of Koktebel, the vicinity of Voloshin’s House and a unique artistic atmosphere of Koktebel Park create an ideal atmosphere for shaping new authentic artists.

Number of sites   3
New working places   100
Volume of private investments   1440 mln. rub
Payback time   7.2 years

You are welcome to join the project!

Please contact the Crimea Development Corporation for all questions connected with Koktebel Park.

Russia, Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Karl Marx St., 34

Тел: 8-800-505-38-49, +7(978)00-00-823, +7-978-909-13-29, +7(3652)777-982

e-mail: aokrrk@yandex.ru


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